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Devyani Gupta and Nehit Vij are architects and furniture designers with over a decade's experience in product design, combining tech-based mechanisms with traditional craftsmanship through the exploration of different materials and techniques. As the Founders and Principal Designers at Vakr Studio, a Delhi-based furniture design studio, they have been conceptualising and producing customised bespoke luxury handcrafted products that blur the line between furniture, art and sculpture.

At Vakr, Devyani and Nehit's forte lies in conceptualising and creating statement pieces with a precedence on the functionality of each design. Their design philosophy emphasises thoughtful and slow production, which provokes conversations around re-imagining local craftsmanship while retaining the uniqueness of each design. The brand prioritises innovation and a scientific approach focusing on research, computer-aided designing and exploratory techniques to produce a poetic and thought-provoking indigenous design

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