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Curve by Curve it became complete, meandering into straighter lines.

Elevated, rested in an unstable equilibrium, holding the force that morphs.


Calm down it said, why don’t you sit for a while?

Why don’t you stay still?

Tumble with my Curve & climb back, do slide on the colorless.

Let the wind flow through me and the Sun Shine through.

Put a falling leaf on me, I accept.


Stroll for a while, and then come back,

I will be there, watching in stillness and still tranquil...

Vakr is a Delhi based experimental furniture studio established by Devyani Gupta & Nehit Vij. Vakr denotes the steep learning curve associated with designing, through material and technique explorations - a process that requires numerous iterations and adept craftsmanship. The journey results in bespoke designs that redefine the relationship between the user and their surroundings. Vakr is the story of the synthesis of old and new techniques to generate timeless furniture designs. Sculptural in character, the form is guided by the laws of physics and the nature of the materials.

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