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Curve by Curve it became complete, meandering into straighter lines.


Elevated, rested in an unstable equilibrium,

holding the force that morphs.


Calm down it said, why don’t you sit for a while?

Why don’t you stay still?


Tumble with my Curve & climb back, do slide on the colorless.

Let the wind flow through me and the Sun


Shine through.

Put a falling leaf on me, I accept.


Stroll for a while, and then come back,

I will be there, watching in stillness and still tranquil...

HSP_0556 copy RVSD.jpg

Vakr is a Delhi-based experimental furniture design studio that strives to bring unique ideas to life by amalgamating modern techniques and age-old crafts, giving birth to bespoke luxury
handcrafted products.
The ethos of Vakr is based on the steep learning curve, which incorporates brainstorming and designing through the exploration of different materials and techniques. 

Established in 2021, Vakr started conceptually with a single mindset of contextual, high-end furniture by exploring India's rich arts and crafts when the need for evolution and expansion of the ‘sculptural furniture’ vocabulary became necessary. The studio was born out of the need to address contextual furniture design that complies with the modern, minimalist look and evokes a feeling of opulence instead of conforming to old design practices.


With numerous design innovations, the studio has been able to formalise the fusion of vernacular and modernmaterials by involving local artisans in the process.

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