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Vakr tries to break from the utilitarian conforming mould that the design language of furniture typically follows by introducing a bit of play by adding bold aesthetic elements into these pieces, making them statement pieces. The dynamic sculptural form that characterises Vakr’s furniture is guided by the laws of physics and the nature of the materials. The studio works consistently on evolving the design language so that it seamlessly fits into the modern vocabulary giving the client something unique. It is a brand that assimilates different materials, indigenous artistic practices and technology in product design. At Vakr, the endeavour is to produce designs where technology is a major part of the process, yet the final pieces are achievable only through handcrafted precision, epitomising adept workmanship and experienced thinking from conceptualisation to production of a piece.


Vakr supports indigenous arts and crafts, incorporating them into their designs to create innovative, unique and contemporary products, which helps the craft find a place in today’s time. They believe that the pieces in any space must prompt conversation about India’s craft and culture and the advent of technology and materials. It should create awareness of the vast resources and their value while inspiring upcoming product designers to think and source locally and use modern designing tools to propagate these arts.


Vakr strives to achieve minimum wastage during manufacturing, with an aim to move towards a Zero waste policy. The materials utilised in the production of prototypes and samples are entirely biodegradable, reflecting Vakr’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Anyresidual foam is repurposed for cushioned packaging purposes, and the shipping crates utilised are constructed from reusable wood materials, as opposed to traditional cardboard. These measures not only align with the studio’s values but also address the growing concern for ecological responsibility.

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