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 A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Vakr Studio started with a single mindset of contextual, luxury furniture by exploring India's rich arts and crafts when evolving and expanding the 'sculptural furniture' vocabulary became necessary. The studio was born out of the need to address contextual furniture design that complies with the modern, minimalist look and evokes a feeling of luxury. With numerous design innovations, the studio has formalised combining vernacular and contemporary materials by involving local artisans. 
Guided by the laws of physics and the nature of the materials, Vakr Studio breaks from the utilitarian conforming mould that the design language of furniture typically follows by introducing bold aesthetic elements into these pieces, making them statement pieces. The studio works consistently on evolving the design language to seamlessly fit into the modern vocabulary, giving every client something unique. Each piece is unique owing to the natural texture of the materials and the handcrafted nature of the piece. 

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